Black Weed Control Mat

Black Weed Control Mat Ver galería (3)
  • 110 gr./m2
  • 130 gr./m2
  • 1,05 x 100 m., 2,10 x 100 m., 3,10 x 100 m., 1,25 x 25 m., 1,25 x 10 m. y 10 Piquetas de sujeccion
  • 1,05 x 100 m., 2,10 x 100 m., 3,10 x 100 m.


Special Anti-Weed Mesh Fabric for weed control and soil cover, with protection against UV rays ans 5 yeat solar degradation to the surface. Permeability of 4 liters per square meter per second and black to prevent the passage of sunlight.

The anti-weed mesh is the perfect ally of gravel, pebbles and other ARISAC products to reinforce the qualities of our products, as it controls humidity and temperatura, and prevents the exit of weeds, which is eliminating a high percentage maintenance, water, and herbicide treatments.


  • Gardens
  • Planters
  • Paths and Garden Ways
  • Roundabouts
  • Separation between gabions and subsequent substrates


Here you’ve a brief instructions for installation.

Our commercials offer comercial  work and introduction of new arids ornamentals and new tendency in use arids in gardening and construction area.

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