We could say that in Arisac Company, we opted and we advocated, among other things, for an alternative to gardening and conventional landscaping: xeriscape.

“Xerojardinería” is an adaptation of the Anglo-Saxon term xeriscape, from the Greek “xeros”, (dry) and English landscape (landscape, garden), and serves to define gardening technique, that it consists of the rational use of plants according to their wáter needs. The use of xerophilous plants (vegetable species with low wáter consumption) and the use of techniques and materials aimed at saving water (gardening aggregates).

This along with oriental techniques, which give as much importance to the green of the garden, as to natural elements such as different stones and compositions of the same. The ZEN garden is a clear example of the infinite possibilities that stones have in decoration, and above all the feeling of peace that we want to find in our favorite corner.

This, together with current resources such as drip irrigation, makes its application a great alternative to conventional gardening, assuming substantial savings in both water and garden maintenance.

Saving of water isn’t the only objective of our aggregates and crushed: they also have an ecológical purpose and advocate a reduced maintenance, since, for example, limit the constant use of phytosanitary products, limit the use of machinery, with the consequent fuel savings, help recycling, etc. All this, together with the ease of transportation and handling of the aggregates and crushed, favored by their packaging and presentation, make use of decorative aggregates and xeriscape, the current great alternative to what we could understand by conventional garden.

All this doesn’t mean that we’ve forget about the traditional garden: one thing doesn’t take away the other. The combinations between one type of garden and another are endless, and the same thing happens with materials… Who doesn’t know or has seen a garden with grass and planters combined with tumbled boulder or rocallas? This is why our commercials offer advice and introduction to new decorative aggregates, as well as new trends regardins the use of these gardening and crushed aggregates.

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