Piedra decorativa

Aggregates and decorative stone

Due to the growing demand of  our customers, interested in nature, ecology, water scarcity and natural sustainability, we created a range of products dedicated to gardening and garden decoration that would help and guide the protection of the land facing factors such as erosion, humidity and other external agents that attack it.

In ARISAC, we provide the gardens with  new esthetic option, from the whole family of decorative aggregates and garden stones such as tumbled boulder,  rocalla, boulders or rounded pebbles, sand, alberos, crushed aggregates, bark pine or rocks, granite pavers and basalt paves, aquarium stones and other natural rocks of large format, as well as the whole family of complementary, so necessary for the aplication of aggregates.

In it we can find subfamilies such as anti-weed meses, resin for fixing aggregates, so fashionable at this time for its visual effect, the fixing pegs(both for anti-weed meses, as for fixing of artificial turf, and other tasks such as the fixation of drip tubes), we can also find the separation galvanized edges, so that aggregates are not mixed, the also fashionable GAVIONES, both for retaining walls and for decoration.
However, in ARISAC we’ve one objective, which is to be continuously innovating in order to offer our client the best solutions, with the best quality, packaging and service.

For this we’ve the Quality Management Certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008,  accredited by ENAC.

Programa FEDER ERP Certificado de calidad ISO 9001

“Esta actuación está cofinanciada por la Unión Europea a través del Programa Operativo FEDER de la Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020”