Dupont ™ Plantex® Gold Anti-Weed Mesh

Dupont ™ Plantex® Gold Anti-Weed Mesh Ver galería (2)
  • 125gr./m²
  • 1,05 x 100 m., 2 x 100 m.


Dupont ™ Plantex® Gold weed screen is a 125g / m2 weed screen made of non-woven polypropylene that does not fray when cut. It is especially suitable for the protection of the soil against the growth of weeds in gardening projects. Its effectiveness is proven against very resistant weeds such as grass, horsetail, bindweed, etc.

The mesh allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate and allows soil and plant roots to breathe. At the same time, it keeps weeds under the surface. It is ideal for application on slopes, where it can be used both covered and uncovered. The brown side gives it a more natural look.

DuPont ™ Plantex® Gold Weed Control Screen is very strong, lightweight and versatile. Unlike other non-woven nets on the market, Plantex is UV treated. This ensures a durability of up to 4 years if used uncoated and up to 25 years if properly coated with cover material.

This anti-weed mesh has a high quality. The differential advantage of DuPont ™ Plantex® Gold anti-weed netting: its material does not fray when cut, which is very advantageous for installation as it allows numerous cuts to be made for the ground plants. Ideal for landscaping, gardening, and even for sale in Garden.
* Avoid that the product comes into contact with any type of pesticide or herbicide


Garden paths and paths
Separation between gabions and posterior substrates.


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