Acrilic Resin for Pavements

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The Acrylic Resin for Flooring is a product composed of an acrylic-styrene resin in aqueous base, free of plasticizers and solvents indicated for the construction sector.

Specially manufactured and designed to mix with the different types of aggregates commonly used in gardening, for the construction of garden pavements (it is recommended to use dry and washed aggregates for better grip).
• The aggregate is agglomerated and compacted, which prevents it from being dragged by weather agents such as rain or wind.
• Its particular mode of mixing (with concrete mixer) wraps the aggregate to obtain a draining effect and thus prevents the formation of a continuous resin film. It can also be applied by spraying (dilution with water, max 5%) as a reinforcing layer, or for already extended gravels.
• Preserves soil moisture in summer and conserves heat in winter, and limits the growth of weeds.
• A rough finish can be achieved to prevent the normal transit of the animals (by not feeling comfortable) and thus avoid bad odors.


  • Constructions of pedestrian areas
  • Garden pavements
  • Children’s park
  • Cork
  • Terraces


To prepare the mixture of the acrylic resin pour the necessary amount of resin next to the aggregate in the concrete mixer.
It is advisable to pour a smaller amount of the recommended resin and add if  it’s necessary, as the moisture of the aggregate that you can use, as well as the fines that may contain can vary the percentage of resin needed. Mix until a completely homogenous mixture is observed, and a thin layer on the aggregate.

Attention: You should not apply excess resin, a puddling of it would cause a bad cure.
The mixture can then be poured directly onto the surface.
It is advisable, before spreading the mixture, to place a sheet of anti-weed mesh on the surface of the soil.
The time for drying and curing will depend on the absorption of aggregate, the thickness of the pavement and the temperature and humidity conditions.
Attention: It is recommended not to use with rain forecast, high humidity, or temperatures below 5ºC.


Being a water-based product, its application is easy and doesn’t require professionals, you just have to respect the instructions.


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