Gravel Stabilisation

Gravel Stabilisation Ver galería (5)
  • celdas 55/50 mm. Paso Vehiculos
  • celdas 110/50 mm.- Paso Peatones
  • Pieza de 10 m2 (1.25*8)
  • Caja 16 ud. de 1.25 m2 con 6 Piquetas


Our Gravel Stabilisation is a special, innovative and flexible stabilisation mesh with DupontTM Groundgrid honey comb structure. Gravel Stabilisatiion is manufactured with non-woven geotextile bands, thermally bonded to obtain a honey comb system.

The exit of this product is that it’s easily tranportabla to work by its size and weight. Its placement very simple, it doesn’t need power tools, it’s cut with scissors or a cutter, and it’s joined with staples. It adapts easily to the terrain because it’s flexible.

We’ve two formats, one for pedestrian crossing and another for vehicles.


  • Paths and Garden Ways
  • Parking Areas and Vehicle Parking
  • Erosion Control of Slopes 20-30º
  • Bycicle lanes


Here you’ve a brief instructions for installation.

Our commercials offer comercial  work and introduction of new arids ornamentals and new tendency in use arids in gardening and construction area.


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