Stepped Gabion Planter

Stepped Gabion Planter Ver galería (1)
  • 40/60/70x30/50/70 cm


The Arisac stepped gabion planter is made up of three planters at different heights creating a very beautiful decorative effect.

The stepped gabion is made up of electrowelded mesh, staples or spirals for its joints and braces for its reinforcement, manufactured with a special galvanised wire, in accordance with the UNE-EN 10223-8 standard for retaining walls, with the property of being highly resistant to corrosion and the passage of time.

The gabion is a product that is easy to install, resistant, maintenance-free, flexible, draining, modular, ecological and, above all, aesthetically pleasing.

They are supplied pre-assembled with a door-type top so that they can be filled with the aggregate of the customer's choice.

Thanks to the wide variety of decorative gravels, pebbles, boulders and rocks that can be found in our catalogue, an infinite number of decorations can be made.

We can use the gabions to tutor and guide shrubs of various shapes, even rounded for later pruning and maintenance.

We have several models, suitable for a multitude of uses, however we are open to the possibility of making any shape with the gabions, do not hesitate to send us your proposal.


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