Soil and Substrates

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  • 0 - 20 mm.


The Classified and Screened Lands (currently we obtain them from the recycling of the materials of the clearings, emptied of lands, and works in construction works), mixed with substrates, have the property to maintain the humidity of the soil, for example in the most arid areas and with less rainfall, it is advisable to use these to protect them from the harsh summers, or from holiday periods, where we leave the plants alone.

The Gardening Substrate is any solid material other than soil or soil; natural, such as mounds or residual, mineral or organic, which, placed in a pot, planter, or in landscaping areas, in pure form or in mixture, allows the anchoring of the root system of the plant, thus performing a supporting role for the plant and the supply of the necessary nutrients.

The Substrate is mainly a mixture of Peat and Compost (obtained from the decomposition of vegetable remains) seasoned with sands, pearlite and mineral fertilizers to achieve the best proportion needed by each plant.

Arisac will provide the best quality and packaging to facilitate the contribution of these products to the desired place.



  • Gardens
  • Planters
  • Pots


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