Decorative Gabion

Decorative Gabion Ver galería (1)
  • 60 x 40 x 55 cm.
  • Largo x Ancho x Alto


Arisac Decorative Gabion, has the peculiarity to have bent corners to better decorative effect, and to remove the staples from the corners.

Decorative Gabion consists of electrowelded mesh, staples or spirals for their joints and braces for reinforcement made with a special galvanized wire, according to UNE-EN 10223-8  for retaining walls, with the property of being highly resistant to corrosión and the passage of time.

The gabion is a product of easy installation, resistant, without maintenance or works, flexible, draining, modular, ecological and above all aesthetic.

They’re served pre-assembled with the top door type to be filled with the aggregate desired by the customer. It’s needed 7 sacos of 20 kg. for its filling.

Thanks to the wide variety of decorative gravel, pebbles, tumbled boulders and rocks that can be found in our catalog, you can make many decorations.

We can take advantage of gabions to train and guide bushes in various ways, even rounded for their subsequent pruning and maintenance.

We have several models, suitable for many uses, however we are open to the possibility of doing any form with the gabions, don’t hesitate to pass us your proposal.

Here you are some projects done with this type of Gabions:

Decorative Gabion White Pebble


  • Interior and Exterior Plants


Our commercials offer comercial works and advice for each  situation, don’t  hesitate to fill out the form to request information.

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