Denia Decorative Gabion Extension

Denia Decorative Gabion Extension Ver galería (2)
  • 220 x 50 x 82 cm.


Extension Gavion Bench Denia of Arisac, consists of a supplement to extend the seats of our benches.

The gabion is composed of electrowelded mesh, staples or spirals for its joints and suspenders for its reinforcement made with a special galvanized wire, according to UNE-EN 10223-8 standard for retaining walls, with the property of being highly resistant to corrosion and the passage of time.

The gabion is a product of easy installation, resistant, without maintenance or works, flexible, draining, modular, ecological and above all aesthetic.

They are delivered pre-assembled with the upper part as a door to be filled with the aggregate of the client's choice.

Also included are the wood of the bench (autoclave treated), the anchors and the screws necessary for its assembly.

We have several models, suitable for a multitude of uses, however we are open to the possibility of making any shape with the gabions, do not hesitate to send us your proposal.


Private and public gardens


Our commercials will offer you advice and advice for each situation, do not hesitate to fill in the information request form.

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