Granite Paving Stones

Granite Paving Stones Ver galería (3)
  • 80/100 mm.
  • 80/100 x 40/60 mm.
  • Jaula/kg., Mini Jaula/ud.
  • Jaula/kg., Mini Jaula/ud.


Granite Paving Stones are of igneous origin, formed principally for quartz. They being used from Roman, they were used to do roads, because it’s very resistant. Our Granite Paving Stones are of cutting shear, it’s for that that they look like ancient paving stones. Basalt Paving Stones are irregular, even though equal.

Its aspect, when it’s finished, is very rustic but at the same time elegant, consequence of colors blacks and greys.


  • Gardens
  • Planter
  • Garden way and path
  • Cork
  • Roundabout
  • Delimit areas or  materials
  • Interior decoration


Granite Paving Stones work very good if we combine our Basalt Paving Stones with them, to delimit areas or making pictures. They ara used a lot in corks, because we can put some sand and  stuff the joints in the same sand. In this way the tree can grow and move without damage the bark.


Our commercials offer comercial  work and introduction of new arids ornamentals and new tendency in use arids in gardening and construction area.



To calculate the amount of material required, specify in square meters the surface you want to cover.
If you wish you can modify the recommended thickness:

Granulometry Thickness Bags Big-bag Total
Granite Paving Stones 80-100 mm. Thickness:
Bags: - Big-bag: - Total: -
Granite Paving Stones 80-100 x 40-60 mm. Thickness:
Bags: - Big-bag: - Total: -
  • Arisac recommends a minimum thickness that you may need, however, this value can be modified and adapted to the use you want.
  • The calculations are approximate, since the weight of the materials can vary according to extraction item.
  • The calculation of quantity (Bags) refers to the bags of Arisac.

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