Red Tumbled Boulder

Red Tumbled Boulder Ver galería (1)
  • 100/150 mm.
  • 150/300 mm.
  • Jaula/kg., Big-Bag 1000 kg. aprox., Mini Jaula/ud.
  • Jaula/kg., Big-Bag 1000 kg. aprox., Mini Jaula/ud.


Red Tumbled Boulder it’s a material obtained from the recycling of marble residues quarry. It’s easily preserved clean because it’s very tough.

Red Tumbled Boulder is a big rock, and its form is rounded. It usually used to separate gravels,pebbles, or to delimit plants or trees. It’s also an ornamental element in aquariums and terrariums, and it gives a different atmosphere because it has an high decorative power.

Red Tumbled Boulder has white streaks consequently of the of the quarry layers where it is obtained.


  • Gardens
  • Planter
  • Cork
  • Roundabout
  • Delimit areas or  materials
  • Interior decoration
  • Garden pictures


Our commercials offer comercial  work and introduction of new arids ornamentals and new tendency in use arids in gardening and construction area.


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