Basalt Columns

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  • Nº 8
  • Nº 80
  • Nº 25
  • Nº 37
  • Nº 75; 76; 77
  • Nº 61; 63; 65; 66; 68; 69; 70; 72
  • Nº 74; 79
  • Clase AD
  • Clase I
  • Clase Y
  • Clase Q
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  • Clase M


Basalt Columns are very special products. They has volcanic origin  and basalt has solidified in column shapes, basalt columns in Arisac are an importation product.

 These Basalt Columns are uniques, every one has a different form and it’s served every model separated, so we’ve classified for weight, dimensions, number and class.

They are special models, with big dimensions used to decorate in gardening and contruction.

The big model has been used since old civilizations for their different meanings, and today still has the posibility to decorate our spaces, as an interior or exterior areas, to do beauty and singularity in our projects.


  • Japanese Garden
  • Monolith
  • Model Gardens
  • Interior and exterior decorations
  • Paving floors with mortar


Our commercials offer comercial  work and introduction of new arids ornamentals and new tendency in use arids in gardening and construction area.

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